Bitten by a robot bug in teenage, now I often see robots in my dreams.

I graduated from Govt. Engineering College,Sreekrishnapuram under University of Calicut with a Bachelors in Electronics and Communication. Since then I taught myself theories of robotics, computer vision and AI from Books, Internet, MOOCs and making & breaking robots. I have been working with real robots for the past 6 years and I have co-founded a company.(Sastra Robotics). My work at Sastra consists of using robot manipulators for automated device testing. We manufacture and customize robot arms for testing HMI Panels, Touchscreen devices, consumer electronics etc.

Often I get myself involved with some self inspired, curiosity driven research projects, so that I can push my limits and contribute to the advancement of robotics. My research interests are mostly in robot manipulation in unstructured human environments, bio inspired robots etc.

I am also a “good procrastinator”, who puts away less important stuffs of life for the bigger and challenging ones. Challenges always fascinated me. I was one among the three member team Autobots that won the 2016 ICRA Humanitarian Robotics Challenge (HRATC) at Stockholm. I could do research on my own, even without any previous publishing experience or even an advisor, I managed to publish my first paper in one of the top tier robotics conference, at ICRA-2017. See more of the interesting challenges I am working on right now in the Research page

" *Be unique, stay away from the crowd, stay close to Robots* "
Thumbs up with PAL Robotics REEM at ICRA 2016,Stockholm.
Thumbs up with PAL Robotics REEM at ICRA 2016,Stockholm.