1.Research Projects

My research is fuellled by my own curiousity and passion of robots. My interests spans around robot manipulation, computer vision, machine learning, agile and dynamic robots and control, quadrupeds, direct drive robots capable of highly dynamic motions, compliant robot manipulators, novel actuator technologies, personal robots and human robot interaction, manipulation of deformable objects etc

Research Projects

1. Magneto-Rheological Linear Clutch for force controlled safe robots.

This project explored the design, simulation and prototyping of a linear clutch which controls force transmitted from the actuator to the robot links. The force was coupled through MR fluid and the level of magnetization controlled the amount of force transmitted.

The rendered CAD model of the prototype arm.
The rendered CAD model of the prototype arm.

This is the first research project I took up and completed in a very short of time, yet accepted for a top tier conference. You can read how I managed to pull this off and what all i studied by working alone in my blog

2. Mid air stabilization of jumping quadrupeds using an active spine.

This research aims to mimic the reflex action of cats, which enables them to land safely on all the four limbs. A 2DOF active spine enables the quadruped to rotate the frontal and dorsal parts of the torso. Making usage of the conservation of momentum, the quadruped can orient itself in mid air. As of now, the concept is verified in simulation and the prototyping is being done

Simulation of the mid air stabilization using active spine.
Simulation of the mid air stabilization using active spine.


Accepted Conference Publications:

1.Design and Development of a Magneto-Rheological Linear Clutch for Force controlled Human Safe Robots., IEEE International Conference on Robotics & Automation (ICRA)-2017, Singapore (pdf link)

Working Papers and Works in Progress

1.An Active 2DOF spine for cat like mid air stabilization reflex for quadruped robots
2.State estimation of the quadruped in mid air by fusing the proprioceptive sensors ( IMU and vision sensors)


Robot Arm for Testing of Touchscreen Applications Pub. No.: WO/2017/051263 International Application No.: PCT/IB2016/05329