These are some of my projects. It includes side projects, research works and incomplete/in-progress works.


In-Hand Rolling

In-Hand manipulation for better tactile object detection and shape reconstruction.


Grasping in vision denied environments using Tactile Sensing.

Background segmentation

Background Segmentation for Fingervision Tactile Sensor


Affordable, Quasi-Direct Drive Robot Manipulator

Gelsight Gripper

Fully Actuated Robotic hand with Multiple GelSight Tactile Sensors

Gelsight for Sim2Real

Simulating Gelsight Sensors for sim2 real


Speed reduction using the principle of pulleys.

Round Tactile Sensing Finger

Cylindrical finger with tactile sensing around the surface.

Gelsight Simulation 1

Simulating Gelsight Sensor by generating pointcloud

Quadruped with Active spine

Mid air inertial re-orientation using an active spine

MR CLutch

Magneto-Rheological Clutch for safe Human-Robot interaction.

2048 Solver Robot

Solving a 2048 game using AI, computer vision and a real robot

Autonomous Drone Landing

Landing a drone on static and dynamic targets.


A ROS running, personal service robot


High Altitude Platform Based Communication System.


A two wheeled rolling surveillance robot.

Smart Notice Board

Notice board which can be updated by texting from a phone

Self parking car

A simple self parking car usinf IR distance sensors.